CTR Coding Break – Breast SSDI ER/PR Percent Positive or Range

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Patricia Fordham

Quality Consultant

Estrogen and Progesterone percent positive or range is the percentage of cells staining ER or PR positive by IHC. Breast SSDI estrogen receptor (ER) percent positive or range and progesterone receptor (PR) percent positive or range have been collected since 2018. Cancers with these types of receptors are called hormone responsive cancers. Hormone responsive cancer patients will most likely be prescribed treatments that will block estrogen from attaching to the receptors or that will lower total estrogens in the patient’s system. 

The SSDI manual provides us with specific instructions on how to code these two fields based on the actual percentage or range codes. Ranges for the codes in these two data items are defined in steps of 10 which correspond to the CAP protocol. Some pathology departments, for whatever reason, record these differently and not defined in steps of 10. During the November CTR Coding Break, we talk a little bit about ER and PR IHC testing and provide a few examples of what CTR’s encounter and how these fields are to be coded in the abstract.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s live recording! Click here if you’d like to download this presentation as a PDF.