CTR Coding Break – Ablation & Embolization Treatment


Marketing Manager

The January 2022 CTR Coding Break titled Ablation & Embolization Treatment talks about some lesser-used types of treatments for various kinds of cancers. Thermal ablation such as radiofrequency ablation and microwave therapy use image guidance and heat energy. Laser ablation uses heat or a focused light to shrink or destroy a tumor while cryoablation uses extreme cold therapy to freeze tissue and cause treated cells to die. Chemoembolization works to have the tumor in direct contact with the drug for a longer period of time. Radioembolization combines embolization and radiation therapy using Y-90 treatment giving off small amounts of radiation. Sometimes these treatments are found within the scans section of the EMR, an operative report, radiation summary, or a pathology report. These treatments are often used as a less invasive option to traditional surgery, when surgery can’t be performed, or for metastatic tumors. All ablation and embolization treatments reviewed in this CTR Coding Break can be found in the STORE Manual 2021.

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