CTR Coding Break – 2021 Grade Updates


Marketing Manager


The Registry Partners September 2020 CTR Coding Break reviews two new notes for coding Grade Pathological. Note 2 is discussed with examples: New – There is a preferred grading system for the schema. If the clinical grade given uses the preferred grading system and the pathological grade does not use the preferred grading system, do NOT record the clinical grade within the Grade Pathological field. Assign Grade Pathological using the applicable generic grade codes (A-D). A second Behavior or Surgical Resection Note is also reviewed with examples. The note instructs the CTR to use the grade from the clinical work up from the primary tumor in different scenarios based on behavior or surgical resection. The behavior component instructs if tumor behavior for the clinical and pathological diagnoses are the same and the clinical grade is the highest grade, you may use the clinical grade in the grade pathological data item. You may also use the clinical grade in the grade pathological if the behavior for the clinical diagnosis is invasive and the tumor behavior for the pathological diagnosis is in situ but not the opposite. 


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