Tracy Loar

Consultant Spotlight: Tracy Loar, CTR


Marketing Manager

Project Manager Tracy Loar, CTR has worked with Registry Partners since April 2013.  She started as a part-time project CTR and transitioned to full time in May, 2014 before becoming a Project Manger in September of last year.  Tracy has worked on various CoC Accredited Cancer Program projects for the last two years and has demonstrated proficiency with various tasks and has displayed dynamic characteristics leading to her promotion as Project Manager. 

Tracy’s past work experience includes working as a Certified Tumor Registrar in an accredited cancer program for three years at Indiana University Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, IN.  Prior to working in the cancer registry profession, Tracy was a Veterinary Assistant for 10 years at Overmeyer Veterinary Center in Sylvania, OH. 

Tracy has an Associate’s degree in Health Technology from Owens Community College in Perrysburg, OH.  She is also an active member in the Indiana Cancer Registrars Association (ICRA) as well as the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA). 

Tracy presently resides in Grand Rapids, OH.  Last year she celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary and has two sons ages 7 and 5.   Tracy enjoys running and biking and is planning to take part in her first mini-triathlon this summer.   


Q&A with Tracy:

Q:     Did you feel the CTR exam was difficult?  How did you prepare?  How did it compare to the RPI skills exam?

A:     Yes I thought the CTR exam was difficult. I purchased the CTR prep material from the NCRA website along with reviewing each manual. The test was divided into sections so each week I would study a different section and I did that over the course of 8 months. The RPI exam also covered several different areas including abstracting and CoC standards. So I did think it was almost as difficult as the CTR exam.


Q:     Did you have  a mentor when you began your career in the cancer registry or did you learn on your own?

A:    The Community College near where I live actually had a Cancer Management program that I graduated from. During my clinical hours my supervisor was a great mentor. She helped me apply what I was learning in class to everyday registry operations. I would also say that the RPI managers have been great mentors. The field is always changing and they are there to help guide us.


Q:     Do you like working from home or do you miss the interaction from an office setting?

A:     I love working from home. It provides the flexibility I wanted to do extra things with my family while maintaining a full time job. I may not get the on-site interaction but I am always in contact with other RPI staff members. I know most of them as well as I did my former co-workers when I worked in an office setting.