Suzanne Gomez

Consultant Spotlight: Suzzane Gomez, RRT, RCP, CTR


Marketing Manager

Suzzane currently serves as a Project Manager/QC Manager for Registry Partners Incorporated.  Suzzane has worked with Registry Partners, Inc. as a part time project CTR since July 2013 until she was promoted to full-time Project Specialist in September 2014.  Prior to joining RPI, Suzzane worked for BSA Health System in Amarillo, TX as a Registry Specialist II for four years and a Senior Respiratory Therapist for five years.

Suzzane is a graduate of Amarillo College where she received her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Respiratory Care in 2006.  She received her Certified Respiratory Therapist credential in 2006, her Respiratory Care Practitioner credential also in 2006, and her Registered Respiratory Therapist credential in 2007 and became a CTR in March, 2013.

Suzzane is a member of the National Cancer Registrars Association, Texas Tumor Registrars Association where she presently serves on the Website and Finance Committees, American Association of Respiratory Care and Texas Society of Respiratory Care.

She resides in Amarillo, TX with her husband of 22 years, Alvin. She has two sons: Ryan (20) who is a sophomore at the University of North Texas and Cristian (8) who is in 2nd grade.  She enjoys spending time with family, attending church, traveling, reading, writing, crafting, watching movies and football.



Q&A with Suzzane:

Q:     What role do you feel social media has in oncology data management?  Oncology care?

A:     I think the role of social media in oncology data management and oncology care is three-fold: Registry Partner’s role as a leading provider in oncology data management, the actual facts and statistics presented to the public, and the Patient’s ability to have real-time data available to them. I’m excited Registry Partners is working on developing their presence in social media; the potential for business growth and for prospective clients and employees is promising, the capability of providing data to the public about cancer statistics and prevention, and news and information about staffing, recruiting, standards and coding updates, among many other things, are much-needed!


Q:     How did you learn about the cancer registry profession?

A:     Before becoming a CTR, I worked in the field of Respiratory Therapy; it was an exciting career, but days were long and working holidays and missing out on too many important family occasions made me realize I needed a change. I learned about the cancer registry field from a patient, and looked into it further, realizing not only did the hospital I was working at have a cancer registry, but they had an opening! Having lost many family members to cancer, researching the role registrars played in the fight against it, and after prayer and discussion with my husband, I decided to apply for the  job…and I was hired the same day! It’s the best career decision I’ve ever made!


Q:     What do you like most about your job?

A:      Hands down, the people I work with! Our jobs can be very fast-paced, many different tasks that need to be completed by deadlines, changes happening all the time…missing a day or two of work for business travel or personal reasons can really be hectic. Recently, I lost my father-in-law, and after being out for more than a week, I was dreading coming back to a mountain of work. It was exactly the opposite; so many of my fellow employees filled in the gaps while I was out, and they showered me with kind notes, cards, plants, and thoughtful emails. It was truly a blessing and I’m honored to work with such kind-hearted and hard-working people!