Holly Miller

Consultant Spotlight: Holly Miller, CTR


Marketing Manager

Project Manager Holly Miller has worked for Registry Partners since 2004. She has been in the registry profession since 1991 becoming a CTR in 2000.  Since that time Holly has worked for both hospital accredited cancer programs and state central registries.  Her experience has included a variety of registry related positions some of which include:  assisting with starting a cancer registry in a community hospital, serving as a cancer registry supervisor at a teaching hospital as well as the regional quality control editor for a state central registry where she was also involved in case consolidation, death clearance, pathology lab reporting, and many other central registry functions.

Holly lives in beautiful Mt. Pleasant, SC with her husband and their 2-year-old Jack Russell terrier.  She has two sons, one of which is a missionary and the other is a sous chef.  She enjoys art (drawing/painting), kayaking, interior design, cooking and taking walks on the beach with her husband.  As time allows, she also volunteers for her church.



Q&A with Holly:

Q:     What is your favorite thing about being a CTR?

A:     My favorite thing about being a CTR is knowing that the data collected is contributing towards researchers gaining a better understanding of cancer, improving cancer treatment and most importantly eventually finding a cure for cancer.


Q:     You have worked in registries large and small and even assisted with starting a registry from scratch.  What has been your most rewarding experience in a registry?

A:     My most rewarding experience in a registry has been attending and assisting in tumor board conferences and collaborating with physicians and other healthcare professionals.