Consultant Spotlight – Angela Straughn – Quality Manager


Marketing Manager

Angela coordinates and manages Quality Control activities on her assigned projects through ongoing support and guidance of her data abstraction teams. 

Prior to joining Registry Partners, Angela worked as a Cancer Registrar for West Florida Hospital in Pensacola as a Cancer Registrar Assistant and Ascension – Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola as a Cancer Registrar.

Angela resides in Florida with her husband. She has 4 daughters and 2 step-daughters as well as 5 grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, walking on the beach, teaching Sunday school and volunteering at her church. 

Q & A with Angela:

Q:   How did you become aware of the CTR profession & what did you do to prepare for the CTR certification?

A:  I actually stumbled across the CTR profession during a job search. I was, at that time, an MRI Technologist at a local hospital where I had worked for many years. My life was changing, my daughter had my first grandson, and  I wanted to be able to spend more quality time with my family.  However,  I also desired a career that I would enjoy and one that would utilize my Associate of Science Degree in Radiography.  I saw an online  posting within my current hospital for a Cancer Tumor Registrar. I immediately began to do my research to find out more about the CTR profession through the NCRA website. I knew after my research that this was the career for me. I applied, was hired and the rest is history!

To prepare for the CTR certification, I studied daily, took the NAACCR CTR Prep Course,  did as many practice tests that I could, through SEER Educate, asked my co-workers a million questions and said a lot of prayers. I passed the very first time I took it! I am so thankful I took the leap into this wonderful field. I am truly passionate about my career and now I have the opportunity to share my knowledge of the profession with others. 

Q:What advice would you give to other individuals considering a cancer registry career and pursuing their CTR?

A:  Go for it!! Study hard and don’t be afraid to ask others questions. If you love to research and you love to learn you will not regret it.  There is so much opportunity to grow in this field. 

Q:  What tips can you provide that may help a CTR improve their abstraction skills and become a more efficient abstractor?

A:  I believe the best way to improve your abstraction skills and become a more efficient abstractor is to stay up to date with your education, stay organized and pay attention to detail. This profession is constantly changing, so staying current is one of the keys to success. Learning how to utilize the AJCC manual, and other available resources such as SEER INQ and the CAnswer Forum as well as reaching out to your fellow CTR’s or Managers for their guidance will also help you become a more efficient abstractor.