Congratulations 2019 Pat Strait Award Winners


Marketing Manager

Each year, the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS) recognizes individuals who have contributed to Florida facilities receiving the Jean Byers Award for Excellence in Cancer Registration. These individuals are awarded the Pat Strait Award for Excellence in Cancer Abstracting. FCDS recently announced the award winners for 2019 and Registry Partners is proud to congratulate several of our own CTRs for receiving this award. 

  • Curry Chapman
  • Nurgul Cooper
  • Edna Cruet
  • Deana Duarte
  • Joan Galbicsek
  • Kellie Garland
  • Lisa Kofron
  • Dawn Mason
  • Maritza Polania 
  • Angela Straughn

We are grateful to have all of you on our team!

A full list of the Pat Straight Award winners can be located on the April 2020 Florida Cancer Data System’s Memo.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash