How Should I Code This?- Class of Case 22 vs 30



  • Examples of class of case 22 vs 30:
  • Example 1:  The patient was diagnosed with liver metastases seen on CT at Facility A and underwent colonoscopy and biopsy of colonic tumor. The histology was low grade adenocarcinoma of colonic primary. Additional work up at Facility B revealed mesenteric lymphadenopathy and diffuse hepatic metastases. The patient was consulted at Facility B for further treatment plan and went to facility C where she received treatment.

    Facility A would assign class of case 00
    Facility B would assign class of case 30
    Facility C would assign class of case 22


  • Example 2:  The patient was diagnosed with right breast cancer by positive core needle biopsy of the right breast at Facility A and went to Facility B for sentinel lymph node biopsy and treatment plan, and went back to Facility A where she underwent recommended treatment.

    Class of case at Facility A  is 14
    Class of case at Facility B  is  30


  • Example 3:  90yo patient was diagnosed at Facility A with brain mass suspicious for malignant astrocytoma and admitted to Facility B for consult to determine whether cancer-direct therapy (surgery, hormone, chemotherapy) is an option. Based on patient health status the decision not to treat has been made in Facility B.

    Class of case at Facility A is 00
    Class of case at Facility B is 22