Celebrating The Arrival of “Spring” Around the World


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Although the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere celebrate the arrival of spring at different times, there are many traditions and celebrations across the globe to welcome spring.   

Did you know …

India celebrates the arrival of spring through a festival called Holi. Holi is a time for lighting bonfires (called Holika) and children and adults chase each other around throwing brightly colored water balloons at each other. Also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love, people wear the color yellow to represent the mustard fields that are in full bloom and also enjoy a festive meal together.  

Russia celebrates the arrival of spring through a festival called Maslenitsa or “Pancake week”. Maslenitsa is a Russian crepe/pancake that resembles the sun. You can add toppings to the crepe/pancake such as sour cream, caviar and salmon. They also take part in fist fighting, bonfires and sled rides.

China celebrates the arrival of spring through their Qingming festival. During this festival people visit the burial grounds and graves of their ancestors where they clean the tombs, enjoy other family outings that may include singing, dancing sharing food and drink with ancestors and starting their spring plowing.

Australia celebrates the arrival of spring with a festival called Floriade (a grand floral display) where over one million flowers are on display. It is a month long celebration that includes music, art displays, horticulture workshops, recreational activities and other entertainment.

Poland celebrates the coming of Spring through the drowning of Marzanna. The Marzanna is a doll made of straw that symbolizes the cold and dreariness of winter. The polish people parade the dolls through the streets making their way to a body of water. The dolls are then thrown in the water as a way to mark the end of winter.

Switzerland celebrates spring’s arrival by burning a snowman on a stake (referred to as the Böögg) marking the end of winter’s dark days. The snowman is often stuffed with explosives. They believe the faster fire reaches the snowman’s head, the better the summer weather will be. If it burns within 6-10 minutes the weather will be dry and sunny… if it takes 10-15 minutes the summer weather will be rainy. Similar to how Americans rely on the Groundhog to predict our spring weather!

However you choose to celebrate the arrival of spring… we hope it is enjoyable!

Photo by Duangphorn Wiriya on Unsplash