Behind the Scenes of Working from Home: Part 1


Marketing Manager

While it is normal for our Registry Partners employees to work from home, some things have changed a little or a lot with their working environment due to COVID-19. As we found a new normal from sharing workspaces with family, adjusting to new schedules, and homeschooling children, we would like to share some photos of our furry friends and new co-workers gained over the last several months. We’re calling this 3 part series Behind the Scenes of Working from Home (WFH) and over the course of the month, we’ll highlight some of the ways our team members are now adjusting with their remote life during this unprecedented time. 

We want to thank all our employees for doing what they do best and rising to the challenge during this time of uncertainty. Their efforts and continued contributions are appreciated.

…. Remember, the best therapist has fur and four legs. 😊

Keep an eye out for our next post in the series!