Assessing Registry Health to Optimize Performance

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Patient registries are very much like human beings and we strive for them to be “healthy.” Like watching a child grow from infancy to adulthood, a registry’s size (volume), knowledge base, interaction, and impact to the organization grow and evolve throughout its life cycle. Humans hope to fulfill a purpose in life and hospitals invest in patient registries with goals for registry participation. Even registries that have required participation should be implemented with the expectation that it will bring value to the hospital in addition to being compliant. Purposeful investment allows a hospital to have healthy registry programs and constantly strive to improve patient outcomes.

So, what makes a patient registry healthy? 

Humans fill themselves with food and we fill our registries with data. The healthier the food, the healthier the human, and the quality of the data contributes to the “health” of the registry.

You can further impact the health of a patient registry by increasing knowledge through additional defined data collection, enriching the information available to your hospital. This deliberate act of collecting “more data” is much like how we continually gather information as we mature in life, making us wiser as we get older. Knowledge is powerful.

What if you went through life gathering information but never had the opportunity to share it with anyone? The information would still be contained in your human database but no one would ever benefit from all that was learned. You need to socialize your patient registry with key hospital stakeholders to realize the benefits of collecting quality patient data. 

We all hope that the knowledge we accumulate over our lifetimes has a positive impact on the world and the lives of the people closest to us. Healthy patient registries can have a profound impact on current and future patients’ quality of care, research, the provision of valuable operational data to hospital leadership and so much more. Just as humans strive to fulfill their purpose on this planet,  healthy patient registries have a clear purpose they fulfill in our hospital ecosystems.

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