Are you completing your NCAA Brackets?


Marketing Manager

I join the thousands of others who haven’t followed a single college basketball game but are now excited for March Madness to begin.  I have filled out brackets for years with some horrible outcomes and some top finishes much to the amazement of my peers and family.  I have as good of a chance of scoring points with my brackets as just about anyone else.  Beating out the NBA hall of fame basketball player in our family was a little rough for him to accept though!

I look at the rankings and have some knowledge of coaches and tournament  experience to help make my selections.  I also include my favorite team colors and if Registry Partners has a client near the school, state, or with a similar name!  I love the Cinderella teams and I unrealistically try to figure out what degree a player might be pursuing.

I am joining everyone else with the expectation Kentucky will win but I am hoping the teams from the state of Indiana do well and I always root for Gonzaga.

Cannot wait for tip-off!   Enjoy the games!