A Cancer Registrar’s Wishlist


Marketing Manager









Our CTR teams took a few minutes to create a Cancer Data Management Wish list with the hopes Santa might be listening!

  • Higher speed internet
  • Package of Paper Mate Pencils
  • Uninterrupted internet access
  • Dual monitors
  • Bagels from Panera at Cancer Conference
  • Starbucks coffee at all of our meetings
  • Fresh flowers on my desk
  • Large desk to accommodate dual monitors
  • Music of my choice in the office
  • Healthy children and healthy babysitter
  • Window in my office
  • Outdoor courtyard to enjoy my lunch break in
  • Parking place close to the employee entrance
  • Remote car start that works from the basement cancer registry office
  • Color printer
  • Full night’s rest
  • Personal massage therapist

Merry Christmas to you and your families!  May all your holiday wishes come true!