Four Ways to Advance Your CTR Career


Marketing Manager

You worked hard to earn certification as a tumor registrar (CTR), and you love the fact that your work ultimately benefits patients and communities in the fight against cancer. However, are you seeing the demands of your job increase but find you have little support for your own career growth?

There are steps you can take to enhance your skills and build a stronger professional foundation. Try these four tips as a starting point for boosting your CTR career.

1. Pair Up With a Mentor

Is there a more experienced tumor registrar on your team or located at a nearby hospital who can offer guidance, support, and ideas on a regular basis? Ask an experienced colleague in the CTR field if they would act as a mentor for you. Most professionals are more than happy to help others.

2. Analyze and Report Like a Pro

Learn to analyze data and then use that data to produce useful reports. You’ll not only be broadening your skill set, you’ll be adding value to your registry and your cancer center. Data and reporting can be used to improve care and care processes; help with certification efforts; and assist administrators with long-range planning for cancer programs.

Be sure you know how to run reports in your registry software, and becoming proficient in Microsoft Excel can help with data analysis and processes.

3. Engage in Education

Many professional organizations, such as the National Cancer Registrars Association, the National Cancer Institute (which includes the SEER educate program), and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries offer online learning opportunities through webinars and videos. These programs are designed to enhance CTR skills, provide continuing education credits, and offer updates on new developments and regulations.

National, state, and regional conferences sponsored by many professional organizations and associations in the cancer field also offer opportunities for learning and networking.

Find out if your hospital or organization offers paid time off for education or a budgeted amount for training and education costs. If you have these types of benefits, spend some time researching the best opportunities for you.

4. Build Management Skills

Gaining management skills can open the door to career advancement. These skills can also help work flow more smoothly in your current job. Become a problem solver, hone your communication skills, and learn the art of prioritization. There are many books and even free online webinars devoted to these topics.

If you’ve gained new skills and diligently pursued educational opportunities, but still feel like you’re stagnating, it may be time to assess your work environment.

Join a Supportive Team

One of the best things you can do to ensure a rewarding career is to work in an environment that values education and advancement. Registry Partners is dedicated to employee success and support. At Registry Partners, CTRs enjoy career support through:

  • Communication About Opportunities – Employees regularly receive information on opportunities for growth within the company in areas such as management, quality control, and mentoring.
  • Paid Education Time – Full-time employees receive eight hours of paid education time off annually.
  • Conferences – CTRs have opportunities to represent Registry Partners at professional trade shows and conferences held in different regions of the country throughout the year.
  • Regular Feedback – All staff members receive regular training, feedback, and support from project managers.

Are you looking for a supportive environment with competitive pay and benefits? Discover career opportunities at Registry Partners today!