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Spotting a Scam Email

Scam or fake emails are a fact of modern life, unfortunately. Every day inboxes are assaulted with scams attempting to trick users out of passwords, account access, money or other sensitive information. Even though email systems are increasingly able to filter out fake or spoofed emails, some messages inevitably sneak their way through to the Inbox. Knowledge is power when it comes to security. To that…

Posted on Mar. 30, 2020 in Corporate Security

Registry Spotlight: STS National Database – Adult Cardiac Registry

Registry Partners’ Cardiac Services team assists facilities and institutions nationwide with their STS data collection efforts. We serve as a complete outsource solution or can augment the facility’s current data collection team to ensure high quality, timely, and accurate data collection and submission.  Read on to learn more about the STS National Database. What is the STS? And what is its purpose? The STS National Database…

Posted on Mar. 27, 2020 in From Our Perspective

CTR Coding Break – Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment

This month’s CTR Coding Break focuses on Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment. Coding for radiation treatment has changed significantly for cases beginning with a diagnosis date of 01/01/2018 to provide NCDB with a more complete and accurate description of contemporary radiation treatment. The following is a brief description with several examples taken directly from the CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment v2.0, February 2020

Posted on Mar. 25, 2020 in CTR Coding Break

Milestone Monday – Cindy Lindsay – 5 Year Anniversary

Cindy Lindsay, Senior Project Manager for Registry Partners, celebrated her 5-Year Anniversary on February 23rd, 2020. Cindy is grateful that “Registry Partners has achieved the ability to connect virtually with teammates, even remotely.” She stated, “this means the world to me to interact at all levels and feel recognized by the organization.”  A flexible schedule is one of the contributing factors to Cindy’s longevity with the…

Posted on Mar. 23, 2020 in News & Events