NAACCR Earns CEO Cancer Gold Standard Re-Accreditation

We received the following press release from NAACCR: “NAACCR has earned CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ re-accreditation for maintaining a strong commitment to the health of its employees and satisfying the latest, comprehensive requirements of the Gold Standard. Employers from many industries are keenly aware of the life-improving impact they can have on health and controlling healthcare costs when they take steps to address cancer and other…

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Corporate Security: Another wave of cyberattacks in last 24 hours globally

News outlets are reporting another wave of ransomware attacks affecting computers within the last 24 hours: Spain, India, some parts of the United Kingdom and now parts of the United States including Merck & Co pharmaceutical giant. This attack is believed to have started in the Ukraine, and is called the Petya attack. Petya is a virus that encrypts files of your computer and holds them…

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Team Testimonial Tuesday

“Team Testimonial Tuesday”:  Hear what our team is saying about why they choose to work for Registry Partners and what they like most about it … “Team Testimonial Tuesday” “I love the flexibility of the job. Everyone is friendly and easy to work with.” ~ J.T.

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AJCC8th Edition Webinar- Part II

The AJCC held a webinar on the AJCC 8th edition recently. The 8th edition will take affect with cases diagnosed 1/1/18.  The changes are many and are synopsized below. Careful review of each chapter prior to staging a case in the 8th edition is recommended. The Eighth Edition is dedicated to all Cancer Registrars. Staging Changes Head and Neck Cervical Node and Unknown Primary New criteria…

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