Consultant Spotlight: Nicole Housinger, CTR

Nicole Housinger

Nicole Housinger, CTR began serving as a Project Director for the Oncology Services Division in February of 2014. Nicole is tasked with overseeing and directing Commission on Cancer accredited cancer program projects as well as mentoring existing and new CoC-based project managers and project specialists. She presently resides in Winamac, Indiana with her husband Lance. Housinger began working for Registry Partners in June 2011, as a…

Posted on Oct. 29, 2014 in Spotlight

Creating the Annual Audit Report for the Breast Leadership Committee (NAPBC)

Standard 1.1 for the NAPBC Accreditation requires the Breast Program Leadership (BPL) Committee to review and analyze data for the breast conservation rate, sentinel lymph node biopsy rate, needle biopsy rate and breast cancer staging. What our Consultants find is that the fact that the NAPBC surveyors review class of case 10-14 cases only is confusing to almost everyone.   That does not indicate the Breast Program…

Posted on Oct. 27, 2014 in From Our Perspective

Effective Cancer Liaison Physicians

How do you find a Cancer Liaison Physician (CLP) who will be effective? Or in many cases, how can I help an existing CLP be more effective?   A CLP is always a busy individual who is carving out just enough time to meet their responsibilities. Our Registry Partners Consultants find it very helpful to sit at a computer with the CLP to show them examples of…

Posted on Oct. 24, 2014 in From Our Perspective