Registry Partners understands the importance of accrediting organizations and works hard to stay on top of standard changes to be able to best serve its client partners. Our Trauma team can provide an overview of the latest revisions and updates to compliance requirements, including education on the intent and impact of new standards. In 2022 ACS released the 7th edition of the Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient (2022 Standards). The new and updated standards outlined in that guide will take effect for surveys starting September of 2023, and our team is ready to help.  

New & Updated Standards that we can assist with:

4.30 – Trauma Registry Staffing Requirement

• Supplemental staffing to help meet the requirement and offer backup should you unexpectedly lose staff.

4.31 – Certified Abbreviated Injury Scale Specialist (CAISS)

• Having one of our CAISS abstractors or Project Managers on your project will meet this requirement and provide you with additional staffing.

4.32 – Trauma Registry Courses

• Our team members participate in the required AIS, Trauma Registry and ICD-10 courses.

4.33 – Trauma Registrar Continuing Education

• All team members receive annual continuing education to meet this requirement.

6.1 – Data Quality Plan (Get started by downloading our free Trauma Quality Plan Guide)

• Written results summarizing data validation
• Registry data validation reports
• Evidence of a comprehensive review of the TQP Data Center Validation Summary Report
• Evidence of a comprehensive review of the TQP Data Center Submission Frequency Report

Existing Standards that we can also assist with include:

6.2 – Trauma Registry Patient Record Completion & 6.3 – Trauma Registry Data Collection & Submission

• Timely data abstraction and submissions are standard for our Trauma Support team.

7.2 – PIPS

• We can provide assistance with event identification and can submit for your team to review or provide the review and report for your PIPS meetings.

7.4 – Participation in Risk-Adjusted Benchmarking Programs

• Our team can assist with TQIP which meets the participation requirement for a risk-adjusted benchmarking program per ACS.

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In the healthcare environment of continuous change in hospital staffing, partnering with our consultants provides consistency with knowledge, interpretation, and standards compliance. 

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