Clinical Tools & Resources

Clinical Tools & Supplemental Resources available for our client partners:

  • General Tools & Resources
    • A web-based oncology skills exam for client registrars. Performance, results, and recommendations provided upon completion
    • Client specific abstracting guidelines and project parameters used for training and performance evaluation of hospital-based registrars.
    • Efficiency logs to ensure accountability and to validate staffing levels.
  • CoC Tools & Resources
    • Our Cancer Committee templates provide clear and concise methods of documentation as well as items that may need further action to keep you compliant.
    • Cancer committee coordinator assistance provides assistance with engagement and participation of all required members.
    • Templates for Commission on Cancer Survey readiness are specific to known requirements from the CoC but are also easily understood and reviewed by CoC surveyors.
    • Mock surveys
    • Continuous SAR and PAR updates
  • Education Tools & Resources
    • Education and presentations are available to local, state, and national organizations as well as independent and hospital groups