Helping a cancer center find solutions for cancer registry challenges begins with our consultants who are Oncology Data Specialists (ODS-C) with years of experience in the field. We develop strategies to meet the cancer data collection needs of our clients. Our solutions process includes:

  • A review of the status of the cancer registry, including current processes, deadlines, and facility staff responsibilities is performed. 
  • Together with the facility, a scope of services with an estimate of hours and costs is created. 
  • The scope of services may include a total outsourcing of the cancer registry responsibilities, a partial outsourcing complementing the existing hospital-employed registry team, or an assessment of the cancer registry operations with recommendations for a potential plan of action.

The management team assigned to a facility includes a project and quality manager. This management team implements the project and supervises Registry Partners’ ODS-Cs, assigns work, monitors quality and productivity, and regularly communicates with the client to ensure the scope of services is being met. 

Cancer registry operations include: 

  • Abstracting cancer-related information
  • Case finding for identification of reportable cases
  • Follow up for the last date of contact and status of disease
  • Data submissions, as required for facility

A road map is created for each project that includes abstracting guidelines and basic information about the facility including class of case scenarios, which is approved by the client. 

Registry Partners’ ODS-Cs are dedicated to meeting the goals of their clients. The ODS-C team is responsible to the facility for a quality-driven database, an efficient process, and transparency of the work being performed to the facilities.

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