At Registry Partners, we consider education to be of great importance.

As a result, we are thrilled to provide exceptional opportunities for paid internships in different services and registries, such as the Virtual Pediatric Systems and Oncology registries. The goals of our internship programs are the same across the board and what you’ll gain upon completion include:

  • Increased proficiency in case abstraction
  • Gaining essential knowledge in the standard-setter updates
  • Perfecting text documentation skills
  • Valuable experience with trained professionals
  • Building a lasting relationship with Registry Partners

Upon completion of the internship program and meeting competency goals, the intern can potentially advance into a higher-level position.

About Our Oncology Internship Program

The Internship Program is a chance to increase abstracting skills, with site-specific abstraction on practice cases over the top sites. A mentor will work with the intern throughout the program to improve their proficiencies while providing feedback and guidance.

The intern is a full-time, paid employee and is eligible for all Registry Partners benefits. An initial 90-day tiered level of goals and milestones is established to help foster professional development and growth.

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About Our Virtual Pediatric Systems Internship Program

The Virtual Pediatric Systems (VPS) Internship is a 16-week course developed by Registry Partners for Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists desiring a career in pediatric critical care data abstraction. This is a paid internship with an option for part-time or full-time status. Full-time employees are eligible for benefits.


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