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Standard 6.1 in the "Resources for Optimal Care in the Injured Patient (2022 Standards)" requires trauma centers to create, maintain and show compliance with a written Data Quality Plan.

Registry Partners has put together this free guide with templates for you to use to get started!

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Get help with these key elements of your plan!

Incorporating these components into your plan will ensure its overall quality and consistency across the registry.

Registry Roadmap Document

A hospital specific roadmap should be developed and utilized to help the trauma registry maintain consistency throughout the registry.

IRR/Validation Reviews

A minimum of 5% Inter-Rated Reliability (IRR)/validation should be completed on a monthly basis for each registrar. Registrars should maintain scores at or above 95% on an ongoing basis.

TQP Summary & Submission Reports

TQP Validation Summary and Submission Frequency Reports should be run on a regular basis, at a minimum of quarterly.

Custom Data Quality Reports

Custom reports for data quality shall be assessed/created/run on a monthly basis specific to any recent areas of improvement noted for focused reviews.

We are confident that this guide will serve as an excellent starting point for you and your team, enabling you to gather consistently high-quality data.

Nikki Maddox

Vice President of Clinical Registries

Not sure where to start?

If you're new to creating a data quality plan or unsure of where to start, don't worry-we're here to assist you! Registry Partners may not be directly affiliated with the ACS, but we have over two decades of experience assisting registries in abstracting meaningful data and developing plans to ensure ongoing data quality. Reach out today if you have additional questions or if you need assistance with the other new ACS Standards taking effect in September.

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