World Cancer Day & National Cancer Prevention Month


Marketing Manager

Thursday, February 4th is World Cancer Day and the month of February has been named National Cancer Prevention Month.

According to  “I Am and I Will” is the main theme for their 3-year campaign and this year is more important than ever to see together, all our actions matter. They continue to ask for personal commitment and individual action which will have an impact on the future. Have you taken action yet?  If not, click this link to learn about all of the ways you can join the “I Am and I Will” campaign. It’s never too late to make a difference.

February is also National Cancer Prevention Month. The American Institute for Cancer Research and their Cancer Prevention: Together We Can campaign focuses on what you can do to decrease your own personal cancer risk through changes in lifestyle. The AICR has devoted an entire section of its website to this cause. Click here to:

  • Learn how you can reduce your own personal cancer risk by downloading a 30-day Cancer Prevention checklist
  • Learn more about foods that are best for you and your family’s health
  • Review various myths and facts about the food we eat
  • Learn about 10 ways you can prevent cancer
  • Find healthy recipes
  • Take a quiz to find out how healthy you really are

February is a month devoted to Cancer Awareness and Prevention – do your part in the fight against cancer. Progress in education and prevention starts with each one of us!  

Graphic courtesy of World Cancer Day