Tips for working remotely during the summer months!


Marketing Manager

Working from home can be a blessing but it can also allow you to be thrown more than your fair-share of distractions.  It seems that there are more opportunities for distractions in the summer as well as need for discipline when something fun might be going on outside.  We asked some of our consultants to share the ways they are “beating the heat” of summeritis!


• Stay off Facebook.  If you see everyone else on vacationing at the beach, it makes it hard to focus.

• Plan ahead. Each week varies with different activities. Plan your work schedule ahead of time so that you can enjoy some fun as well.

• Start work early (while kids are still sleeping) so you can enjoy the afternoon sun!

• Work in the basement with no windows and you will never know what is going on outside…

• Just say “No”…..such a small word, but so hard to say when invited by friends/family to participate in summer activities during normal work hours.

• Hire a babysitter for small children when they are home for the summer.

• Enjoy work while listening to a fun summer music playlist!

• Take a long lunch and go outside if it will help your concentration later in the afternoon

• Make sure your home is sufficiently air-conditioned.  I do not like air-conditioning, I have always been comfortable in my home but once I started to work at home full-time I realized I could not concentrate in the heat of the day.

• Consider a change of scenery -take your laptop outside on the patio to work and get some fresh air! (if not working with protected health information)


Do you have any tricks to staying motivated during the sunny summer days?  Let us know!