What does my Cancer Registrar do all day?


Marketing Manager

You might be a manager, administrator, or physician but most likely, at some point, you have wondered “what do the cancer registrars do all day”.

It is difficult to support and supervise someone who has a job as unique and technical as a Certified Cancer Registrar. Their work is detailed and follows numerous guidelines that are “Greek” to others. Registry Partners Incorporated’s Consultants are often asked if we can provide Registry 101 to administrators.   Typically they don’t know what they don’t know resulting in both under and over staffed registries. No one wants to receive a letter from their central registry indicating cases haven’t been submitted for six month or a year (known to happen) because they weren’t sure how to manage their CTRs. Our Consultants provide an assessment of cancer programs to help them understand the processes being used, staffing experience, and if deadlines and expectations are being met.   Quality of abstracting and review of data reports and submissions are often requested.

A Consultants’ review of the program often allows for recommendations and ideas that are a result of best practices from hundreds of our clients.   No hospital wants to learn the registry is not on target for the NCDB submission, a CoC Accreditation Survey or their Central Registry submission.

The Registry Partners Incorporated Assessments and Management Support Plan provide recommendations and a periodic review of the registry status to prevent any surprises!   Visit our website or contact us today if you are interested in learning more about these services!