What are you thankful for at Registry Partners?


Marketing Manager

At Thanksgiving, we like to reflect on the parts of our lives that we are truly thankful for.  This year, some of our staff got together and wrote down what they were thankful for at Registry Partners…

  • Recognizing CTRs’ abilities and providing resources for them to grow in their careers
  • Recognizing family commitments and priorities
  • Technical support for my computer
  • Knowledge of coworkers
  • Consistent professional and organized work environment
  • Respect of CTRs.
  • Confidence from peers
  • Humor
  • Use of WebEx in order to have visual connection with coworkers across the country
  • Believing in me
  • Challenge me to grow and expand my skill set
  • Genuine company
  • Balance of personal and professional lives
  • Networking and opportunity to learn from each other
  • Warm and soft RPI blanket
  • Company with vision and Christian foundation
  • Support and encouragement during crisis

Working with Registry Partners really is like working in a tight circle of friends and family.

We would like to wish our RPI family and friends a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!!