Updating Your Remote Office for the Evolving Digital World


Marketing Manager

Whether you have been working remotely for a while or just landed your first remote position, here are a few nifty ways to simplify your home office setup for a more convenient digital age.

 Document Scanner Applications

There is no longer a need to keep a bulky scanner at your desk. Nowadays, there are various apps you can download to your smartphone phone that allow you to take a picture and turn it into PDF, Word, PowerPoint, or JPG file. A lot of these apps are also free, so besides space, you can also save yourself some money! Check out some of the free digital scanning app options available in your app store today!

Electronic Pens

To help keep your thoughts and notes neat and organized, as well as automatically backed up, using an electronic pen can come in very handy. Besides being able to write or draw out your thoughts, features such as audio recording, copy and paste, editing directly on multimedia content, and having unlimited writing style and color are available right at your fingertips. The need to purchase paper or note pads could become obsolete!  These items can be pretty pricey, so it is always recommended to do your due diligence before purchasing to make the best purchase for your needs.

Video Doorbells

Working from home can come with a myriad of distractions, one being having unannounced visitors. Video doorbells are a great way to help determine if you need to interrupt your day with answering your door! Just check your live feed on your smartphone or electronic device and see who’s there. You can even mute the indoor chime so it will not sound while on a call or in a meeting. There are various types of video doorbells available today, so make sure to do your research and find what works best for you and your home!  

USB/Port Docking Stations

When you have a computer, multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, external drive, network connection, etc. you end up with a tangled mess behind your desk and very limited ports available for additional luxuries such as charging your phone/tablet, headphones/earbuds, electronic mug warmer, or even a small desk fan and/or heater. With all of the different electronic devices we are simultaneously using, ports for connecting and charging can be hard to come by. If you are someone in need of additional port real estate then an external docking station might be your saving grace!  Port docking stations run as small as fitting in the palm of your hand to being as large as a router, so no matter your need you should have no trouble finding the right one for you.

Multi-Device Wireless Keyboards

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to switch from a computer to a tablet, to your phone, and back to your computer again when multitasking for work, but it can be difficult to manage so many devices at once. A great tech device to help simplify this is the multi-device wireless keyboards. Most can switch between 2 or even 3 different devices at once, and some can even allow you to work on multiple devices at the same time! These keyboards connect via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets, computers and even some TVs, allowing you to have all screens in front of you and easily toggle back and forth, or even work in multiple at the same time. Depending on the keyboard you chose, there are ones that come with a slot to keep your smartphone and tablet propped up for easy viewing. The prices of these items are fairly reasonable too! Check out the latest options available and see if this can help simplify your workspace.

 With technology constantly evolving and changing, finding the best options for you to make your workspace more productive and simplified is easier than ever. As these are only a few of many different types of techs and gadgets out in the world today, see which best suite your needs and can provide you a more convenient workspace!