Updates from the Commission on Cancer’s training for Surveyors and Consultants


Marketing Manager

During our training session, we learned what has been keeping the Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee busy this year.   This committee provides support, guidance and recommendations to the accreditation committee to increase the number of cancer programs submitting applications for initial survey, increase the retention rate of an existing CoC accredited program and identify opportunities to educate consumers, payers, and providers on the value and benefits of care through a Commission on Cancer accredited facility.   This is a vital and active committee.

The Accreditation 101 programs have increased the awareness and understanding of the Accreditation Process.   Many of our clients have commented on the benefits of attending and how they have applied the knowledge to their own programs.   There are 27 anticipated new programs for 2016.  Are you considering Commission on Cancer Accreditation?   Registry Partners Consultants can assess your readiness and provide recommendations to maintain your timeline for accreditation.   Please contact us for additional information.   Our consultants want to partner with you to achieve Commission on Cancer Accreditation.

Don’t forget to use the Marketing Resources to promote your accreditation.    The CoC has provided a number of resources and tools through CoC Datalinks.