My Transition Away From The Bedside


Marketing Manager

When I graduated college, I assumed I would work in a hospital…well, forever. Something about the fast-paced environment and the adrenaline rush of the unknown really intrigued me. I wanted to be where the action was. The possibilities were endless. Anything could come through those doors at any given moment. I started out in the busiest E.R. in Chicago, and then transitioned to pediatrics, taking on the PICU, CVICU, and NICU. I took travel positions and saw different states and hospitals, getting trained on the fly. Then, I literally got trained “on the fly”, working air and ground transport. I went to high risk deliveries, was on a rapid response team, and a code blue team. I truly felt like I was making a difference. I felt my job was important. I mean, we were saving lives left and right!

Until one day, a family I grew to know quite well had suffered a devastating loss. They spent months in the hospital with us. I watched them pray, and beg for things to turn around. We all hoped for a miracle that didn’t come.. and it hit me. I was burnt out. I loved the kids. I loved how they could laugh through the pain and how their infectious smiles radiated the room. I loved the hope they had to get better. I couldn’t bear anymore loss and it was a losing battle, so much of the time. I was loving the science behind medicine. I was loving understanding trauma and illness, and what we could do to solve the problem at hand. I still wanted to make a difference, but I knew it was time to walk away from the bedside. It was then I realized there was nowhere else to go. I had made every advancement that a respiratory therapist could make. I knew it was time to not just move on, but move forward. I wanted to advance in a new way.

When the opportunity for Registry Partners became available, I just knew it was the perfect fit. The company was amazing, and everyone seemed so wonderful! I could still make a difference. I could use the knowledge that I gained from the hospital and still do something great. It gave me goals and advancement opportunities to strive for. I gained the flexibility to work when it was convenient for me, and in the comfort of my own home. I could spend weekends and holidays with my family again, something that is usually out of the question. I was given a blessing. Registry Partners truly proves how much they value their employees. I have the most terrific project director, and she gives constant encouragement and makes my new position feel unbelievably important. Knowing we are a part of advancing care for pediatric patients everywhere is the most meaningful career imaginable. Registry Partners has given those of us with a passion for health care an alternative route to impacting the lives of patients everywhere. I could not have asked for a better team to be a part of. The transition from the bedside to Registry Partners has been the best decision I could have made for myself, my career, and my family. I am honored to be a part of this company!

Article Written by Samantha Kuecher