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CTR Coding Break – 2021 Grade Updates

  The Registry Partners September 2020 CTR Coding Break reviews two new notes for coding Grade Pathological. Note 2 is discussed with examples: New – There is a preferred grading system for the schema. If the clinical grade given uses the preferred grading system and the pathological grade does not use the preferred grading system, do NOT record the clinical grade within the Grade Pathological field….

Posted on Sep. 23, 2020 in CTR Coding Break

CTR Coding Break – SSDI Range Codes

  The August CTR Coding Break reviews SSDI codes that may be recorded in the medical record with ranges instead of an exact lab value. Breast Ki-67 is a marker of cell proliferation. Colon and Rectum SSDI circumferential resection margin is a strong prognostic factor for local or systemic recurrences. Colon and Rectum SSDI tumor deposits are discrete nodules of cancer in pericolic/perirectal fat without evidence…

Posted on Aug. 24, 2020 in CTR Coding Break

CTR Coding Break – Lymphovascular Invasion

  The July 2020 CTR Coding Break addresses the data item Lymphovascular Invasion (LVI). Lymphovascular invasion is defined as the invasion of cancer in the blood vessels and/or lymphatic channels. The main objectives include understanding of code 8 for not applicable, applying codes 2, 3, and 4 for small vessel, large vessel, and both small/large vessel invasion, using the STORE table to code cases treated with…

Posted on Jul. 24, 2020 in CTR Coding Break

CTR Coding Break – Bladder Site

  The Registry Partners June 2020 CTR Coding Break discusses grade clinical and grade pathological for the bladder site. The presentation reviews the clinical and pathological timeframe, grade notes, priority order, and reviews common questions. A TURBT, transurethral resection of a bladder tumor qualifies for clinical grade only. A cystectomy or partial cystectomy must be performed to qualify for grade pathological. Grade Pathological Note 2 instructs…

Posted on Jun. 24, 2020 in CTR Coding Break