Six Helpful iPhone Tips


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I recently read an article published by Macworld from IDG called “iPhone Tips and Tricks” written by Ashleigh Macro.

There were several tips outlined in the article but I selected six of them to highlight below.  For access to Ashleigh’s complete article click here.   

1. Do you have speed issues with your iPhone?  If so, consider the following:

             a) Power device off – this clears the memory.

             b) Delete apps/files you no longer use.

             c) Back-up photos to iCloud or external device.

             d) In settings, review apps that are set to refresh in the background and turn this                           feature off.

             e) Update the iPhone operating system (iOS) especially if you have not yet upgraded                    to iOS12).

2. Do you have a passcode set up to access your iPhone? (Other than fingerprint or face              recognition?) – If so, make it more difficult for someone to hack into your phone by setting        up an alphanumeric 6 digit passcode.

             a) Go to Settings.

             b) Click Touch ID and Passcode

             c) If you have a passcode already set you will be prompted to enter it.

             d) Select Change Passcode

             e) You will be prompted to enter your existing passcode again (if you have one set                         up).

             f) Select Passcode Options

             g) Select Custom Alphanumeric Code and enter your new passcode

             h) Be sure you remember the new passcode. You will be prompted to enter it                                 sometimes even if you use face recognition or your fingerprint for access.

             i) Also, in iOS12 you can disable USB Accessories from connecting to your phone                        with the password.  Select Touch ID and Passcode, enter your passcode, scroll                          down to USB Accessories and make sure it is turned off.

3. Do you ever find yourself with a low battery and no charger readily accessible?  

             a) Be sure to turn on “Low Battery Mode” to preserve as much battery life as possible.                   Low power mode temporarily reduces background activity until you can fully                               charge your iPhone.  

             b) To turn Low Battery Mode on, go to Settings.

             c) Select Battery

             d) Turn Low Power Mode On

             e) Low Power Mode will turn “hey Siri” off, it will lessen the time it takes for the screen                   to go dark, background apps will not refresh, the fetch for email will be done less                       frequently, etc.

4. Did you know you could take a photo and a video at the same time? Have you ever been        shooting a video and wish you could also take a photo of whatever you were recording?          Now you can!  

             a) Once you begin recording a video, look for a white circle that will appear on the                         screen in addition to the red “recording” circle. The white circle is the camera                             button  and by tapping the white button you will capture pictures as the video is                         recording. 

5) Have you ever tried to take a selfie but cannot get your finger on the “on screen” camera        button without impacting the quality of the photo or getting your arm in the picture?

             a) Try using the volume up or down buttons in stead.  By pushing the volume up or                       down button it will snap a photo.  

             b) Likewise, if you have a pair of headphones connected to your phone that has its                       own volume control, you can also use the volume up or down button on the                               headphones to snap a photo.

6) Have you ever missed an important call or text because you prefer to keep your phone in        silence mode and/or the ringer turned off?

             a) You can now set up a “flash alert” as another indicator that you have missed a call                     or text.  

             b) Go to Settings.

             c) Select General.

             d) Select  Accessibility.

             e) Scroll down to the Hearing section.

             f) Find LED Flash for Alerts and turn it ON.

Photo by on Unsplash