Is Sitting Really The New Smoking? Tune In To These Tips For Staying Active At Work!


Marketing Manager

There have been many reports that sitting for extended periods of time has similar effects on the body as smoking.

Many positions in our workforce today are considered “desk jobs” or have remote options, consisting of tasks that are primarily completed while sitting at a desk like: various types of computer work, conference calls, web-based meetings, etc.  

Being sedentary during the workday is an issue that impacts millions of Americans every day.  There are several things you can do to maintain a healthy level of activity even if you have a “desk job”.  

According to a study published by CNN and accessible here, it indicates reduced muscle activity primarily in the large muscles in our legs and back decreases our ability to regulate blood sugar and remove harmful blood fats.  Furthermore, it reports, sitting for extended periods of time may negatively impact our blood vessel function and increase our food cravings causing us to eat more and gain weight.  

Follow the tips below in an effort to build more activity into your day … it could keep health issues like heart disease at bay, and allow you to enjoy your job more, while giving you a renewed energy at work … EVERY day!  

  • Every half hour try standing or moving around for 5-10 minutes (maybe during phone calls or web conferences). Set a timer on your phone as a reminder to get up and move!
  • Some desks allow you to sit or stand … if yours does not, consider purchasing a separate standing workstation similar to this to promote standing throughout the work day.
  • When you take a break to make a cup of coffee, instead of watching the coffee brew … walk up and down the stairs or use the time to stretch.


  • Take a 30 minute lunch break devoting 15 minutes to eating (away from your desk) and 15 minutes to take a brisk walk outside … or better yet, eat and walk at the same time if you can!  Exercising at your desk for 15 minutes during your lunch break is also something to consider. Some easy “deskercises” can be found here.


  • Drink more water while working … this will also force you to get up and use the bathroom more frequently through the day = “more activity”.


  • Consider purchasing exercise equipment that can be used at your desk such as a desk elliptical/peddler like this.

Just Remember – Less Sitting … More Moving!