Setting Goals from the Inside-Out


Marketing Manager

I recently watched a video titled “Take an Inside-Out Approach to Goal Setting” by Robbi Crawford, available through Leadercast Now.  Ms. Crawford’s approach can be applied in the workplace, classroom, on the ball field, etc.  

As an educator, Ms. Crawford explained that she takes time to understand where her students are and tries to learn the following things about each of them:

  • Where they are
  • Where they want to be
  • What they want to do
  • What they want to contribute

Once all of the above answers are known, Ms. Crawford believes a level of self-confidence and presence is attained. She ensures students understand how powerful presence is and that you have to understand who you are and what you want in order to carry a powerful presence.

She often times uses an analogy “It’s like a buffet. We’re presented with a buffet and maybe there are four or five things on there and you’re told, you’re pretty much conditioned to believe, this is what you choose from” but she wants her students to say “This is who I am, and I really want this, and I don’t see that on the buffet. Where can I go to get that”? Ms. Crawford wants people to feel empowered to go for what they don’t see.  

She is committed to empower students to have the confidence to ask for what they want and then not be ashamed to go for it.  This is personal empowerment. Empower those around you whether your children, spouse, co-workers, siblings … help them attain the confidence they need to “go for it”.  

Ms. Crawford explained the benefits of taking an inward-out approach.  Truly being clear on who you are and knowing your natural rhythm will help you flourish.  She outlined these components that she believes makes up one’s natural rhythm:

  • Mental perspective
  • Emotional perspective
  • Physical perspective
  • Spiritual perspective
  • Environmental perspective – what environment do you flourish in?

Once you understand your natural rhythm, Ms. Crawford feels you will be more confident and go after the things you want in life.  

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Photo by Coompia77 on iStock