The Sepsis Registry continues to evolve with bi-annual specification manual updates that range from simple wording revisions to the addition of new data elements and criteria. Registry Partners’ Sepsis Quality Consultants provide the education, resources, and guidance needed to:

  • Mentor current or new sepsis data abstractors to obtain or improve the necessary skills to be successful independently.

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Additional services offered by our Sepsis Quality Consultants include:

Management oversight of facility-employed sepsis data abstractors to assist administrators with limited sepsis registry knowledge. Our mentoring approach is to meet your staff where they are in skill development and build upon it through one-on-one education, monitoring task completion, and data quality reviews on cases abstracted by facility-employed abstractors.

Mentoring for data interpretation and understanding of the process to identify opportunities for improvement. This service includes education on abstraction of the CMS SEP-1 measure, development of a deeper understanding of the abstraction process, and presenting meaningful data to the sepsis team and senior leadership.

Virtual Curriculum

Registry Partners has established a web-based sepsis mentoring curriculum that offers one-on-one interaction with Registry Partners’ Sepsis Quality Consultants.

Our mentoring includes:

  • Education-based curriculum, available online 24/7
  • One-on-one instruction, audio, video, and hands-on training for every type of mentee
  • Mentoring services available in every area of registry operations, including abstraction and making the most of your data
  • Partnering with you to achieve your organization’s sepsis goals.
  • Ongoing education through summaries and lunch & learn sessions after each bi-annual specification manual update.

Throughout the duration of the mentoring engagement, weekly progress reports are provided to the facility management staff. Our mentoring programs are designed to give the mentee a comprehensive and detailed experience tailored to their chosen role in the sepsis registry including hands-on training and independent coursework. 

Discuss Mentoring of Staff

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