Sepsis Chatter – Severe Sepsis & Septic Shock: Crystalloid Fluid Administration Part I

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Susan VonBosse

RN Quality Consultant

Welcome to the November/December 2022 Edition of Sepsis Chatter!

Our newest video presentation is titled: Sepsis Chatter-Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Crystalloid Fluid Administration Part I

This presentation focuses on determining if and when crystalloid fluids are required to be administered in the patient diagnosed with septic shock or severe sepsis/septic shock accompanied by initial hypotension. This video begins with a review of the data element “Crystalloid Fluid Administration”, then continues to explore the following sub-topics in detail:

  • Recognizing the three triggers that will require crystalloid fluids to be administered
  • Calculating the acceptable timeframe in which crystalloid fluids need to be administered
  • Determining the target volume of crystalloid fluids to be administered
  • Recognizing acceptable documentation for ordering a target volume that is less than 30cc/kg

Each of the covered topics will include specific abstraction guidance that is defined in the current (v12.0) and future (v13.0) CMS Specifications Manual for National Hospital Inpatient Quality Measures. We will review the application of these guidelines using examples and rationale.

In addition, there will be an upcoming second part to this presentation (Part II). Due to the large amount of information related to crystalloid fluid administration, Part II will build upon this presentation by focusing on determining if and when crystalloid fluids were administered.

Lastly, for 2023 we are moving our Sepsis Chatter series from monthly releases to every quarter. So our next video will be out in March and as always you can find it here on our blog or directly on our YouTube channel

Click here to download this presentation as a PDF.

*This presentation is based upon: The Specifications Manual for National Hospital Inpatient Quality Measures V5.12 Discharges 07-01-22 (3Q22) through 12-31-22 (4Q22) AND V5.13 Discharges 01-01-23 (1Q23) through 06-30-23 (2Q23)

**For the most accurate guidance, please refer to the version of the Specifications Manual that corresponds to the Discharge Date(s) that are being reviewed.