Results from our Trivia + Survey


Marketing Manager

We conducted a live and non-live trivia on Monday, August 24th, and Tuesday, August 25th. Each day covered 12 questions about the history of Registry Partners! Thank you to all those who participated! By playing the trivia, each person was entered to win a random drawing of a $25 Amazon digital gift card. The winner of the live trivia strictly earned bragging rights. Below are the winners from each day.

Monday, August 24:

Live Trivia Random Winner: Lisa G.

Live Trivia Bragging Rights Winner: Alicia S.

Non-live Trivia Random Winner: Christine H.

Tuesday, August 25:

Live Trivia Random Winner and Bragging Rights: Lisa G.

Non-live Trivia Random Winner: Erica

Congratulations to the winners of Registry Partners Trivia!

We value your feedback for future social media events. We have put together a quick survey for feedback regardless if you participated in our trivia or not. This will help us coordinate events that are fun and help us learn more about each other! We would appreciate any feedback by clicking on the link below.