Remote Interview Recommendations


Marketing Manager

The Registry Partners Incorporated recruiters perform the preliminary interview for applicants via phone calls and management interviews are often conducted using videoconferencing.   Just like any interview the key is being prepared!   Ensure you have all of the required documentation needed for reference, have prepared for the expected questions for managing people and projects as well as a thorough understanding of the expectations and requirements for CTR responsibilities.  Practice articulating answers and prepare your own questions as well.

When interviews are performed via Skype or WebEx keep in mind the background is important.  Make sure the area behind you is organized and clean.  You don’t want the interviewer wondering what is behind your head instead of listening to your answers!   With all face to face interviews, dress neat and professional and look directly at the interviewer.  When using the webcam of a computer, ensure you are looking into the camera rather than the computer screen.   Make sure you smile!   Everyone wants to hire individuals that are friendly and sincere with their answers.

I watched a recent popular television show and the star of the show “struck a pose like a super hero”. She said research has shown standing like this for several minutes prior to a difficult situation has shown improved outcomes.  She was performing brain surgery!  I laughed out loud and thought how ridiculous.     I couldn’t believe it when later the same evening, I googled interview preparations and one of the suggestions to reduce anxiety during an interview was to “strike a pose like a super hero” prior to the interview.

We all might as well try it!














Contributing Author:  Stacey Wertz, Registry Partners Incorporated Recruiter