Registry Spotlight: Pediatric NSQIP® Registry (National Surgical Quality Improvement Program)


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This month’s registry spotlight is on the Pediatric NSQIP® Registry through the American College of Surgeons, Quality Improvement Program.

Registry Partners’ Surgical Services team can assist facilities and institutions nationwide with their Pediatric NSQIP Registry data collection efforts with our team of Surgical Clinical Reviewers (SCRs). Serving as a complete outsource solution or augmenting the facility’s current data collection team; we ensure high quality, timely and accurate data collection and submission. 

Read on to learn more about the Pediatric NSQIP Registry.

What is the Purpose of the Pediatric NSQIP® Registry?

The Pediatric NSQIP Registry is a collaboration between the American College of Surgeons and the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) specifically for specialties in children’s surgery. According to the American College of Surgeons, “Similar to ACS NSQIP, the Pediatric Program will enable participating hospitals to collect highly reliable clinical data and compare their surgical outcomes with the outcomes of other participants in the program.”  The Pediatric NSQIP program was pilot tested in September 2008 in four children’s hospitals and then beta tested in 40 additional sites. It is the nation’s first and only risk-adjusted, clinical, outcomes-based program to measure and improve pediatric surgical care.

Participation in ACS NSQIP Pediatric is available to general acute care children’s hospitals, children’s hospitals within larger systems, specialty children’s hospitals and general hospitals with pediatric services. 

The ACS NSQIP Pediatric program allows participating facilities to collect data on surgical outcomes specific to children’s surgery and act on that data as a commitment to improve surgical care for their pediatric population.  As per ACS, participation in the program demonstrates commitment to quality improvement, as it is the first national database to measure outcomes in children’s surgery. 

 Quality Support tools for the ACS NSQIP Pediatric Registry?

  • National Conference
  • Data Reports
  • Surgeon Champion and SCR Education Calls
  • Participant Use Data File
  • Preoperative Risk Calculator Tool

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