Registry Spotlight: PC⁴


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This month’s registry spotlight is on PC⁴ – Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium.

Registry Partners’ Pediatric Service Line assists facilities and institutions nationwide with their PC⁴ data collection efforts. We serve as a complete outsource solution or can augment the facility’s current data collection team to ensure high quality, timely, and accurate data collection and submission. Read on to learn more about the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium Registry.

 What is the purpose of the PC⁴ Registry?

 The PC⁴ registry aims to “improve the quality of care to patients with critical pediatric and congenital cardiovascular disease in North America.” It combines pediatric cardiac critical care, cardiac surgery, and cardiology. It seeks to partner with other professional organizations and quality collaboratives to integrate with existing databases. It measures the outcomes of critically ill cardiac patients in the pediatric setting, surgical, and medical. Currently, PC⁴ has 61 participating hospitals in North America.

 What are the benefits of participating in the PC⁴ Registry?

 Per the PC⁴ website, participants will be provided with:

  • 24/7 access to real-time, reliable, and actionable data to be used for local quality improvement
  • Risk- and reliability-adjusted comparative analyses on quality metrics selected by the consortium
  • Innovative and sophisticated informatics platforms that integrate with other registry projects in pediatric cardiac care
  • An infrastructure to identify and disseminate evidence-based practices that improve clinical and resource utilization outcomes
  • High return on investment

PC⁴ also joined with the Cardiac Networks United to introduce Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) module that collects and analyzes data directly from patients and their families.

What tools are used in the Data Collection process for the PC⁴ Registry?

Data collection is done by following the Data Definitions Manual provided by PC⁴. Definitions and fields, when possible, are shared across other registries and/or use common Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Code (IPCCC) definitions. Shared registries may include STS Congenital, IMPACT, STS Cardiac Anesthesia, and others. Examples of collected data fields include cardiac surgeries and procedures, complications, interventions – including medications, vascular access, respiratory support, and monitoring. Fields are shared with PAC3, STS, and IMPACT where applicable if the participating hospital also participates in those registries. 

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