Registry Spotlight: NCDR – CathPCI Registry®


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This month’s registry spotlight is on the CathPCI Registry® through the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR®).

Registry Partners’ Cardiac Service Line team assists facilities and institutions nationwide with their CathPCI Registry® data collection efforts. We serve as a complete outsource solution or can augment the facility’s current data collection team to ensure high quality, timely and accurate data collection and submission.

Read on to learn more about the CathPCI Registry®.

What is the Purpose of the CathPCI Registry®?

The CathPCI Registry® assesses the characteristics, treatments and outcomes of cardiac disease patients who receive diagnostic catheterization and/or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures. This robust tool captures the data that measure adherence to American College of Cardiology clinical practice guideline recommendations, procedure performance standards and appropriate use criteria for coronary revascularization.

What are the Benefits of Participating in the CathPCI Registry®?

According to the American College of Cardiology, National Cardiovascular Data Registry website, the CathPCI Registry® provides decision making information that helps hospital facilities:

  • Focus on the appropriate use of PCI within the facility
  • Reduce avoidable bleeding complications
  • Identify the facility’s areas of excellence as well as opportunities for improvement
  • Validate use of best practices and application of performance measures
  • Monitor STEMI to treatment times

What tools are used in the Data Collection process for the CathPCI Registry®?

Data collection is completed by referring to a data specifications manual which is only accessible by participating hospitals. The CathPCI Registry uses standardized NCDR data elements and definitions such as demographics, history and risk factors, and coronary lesion information. The Registry supports a variety of data entry and submission options including certified third-party vendors and secure web-based entry. The registry also offers a wealth of reporting options to support your facility’s ongoing quality improvement. Quarterly risk-adjusted benchmark reports provide a rolling 4 quarter view of your facility’s performance plotted against all other facilities for each metric.

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