Registry Spotlight: Adult NSQIP® Registry (National Surgical Quality Improvement Program)


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This month’s registry spotlight is on the Adult NSQIP® Registry through the American College of Surgeons, Quality Improvement Program.    

Registry Partners’ Surgical Services team can assist facilities and institutions nationwide with their Adult NSQIP Registry data collection efforts with our team of Surgical Clinical Reviewers (SCRs). Serving as a complete outsource solution or augmenting the facility’s current data collection team; we ensure high quality, timely and accurate data collection and submission.  

Read on to learn more about the Adult NSQIP Registry.

What is the Purpose of the Adult NSQIP® Registry?

Per the American College of Surgeons, the NSQIP Registry “is a nationally validated, risk-adjusted, outcomes-based program to measure and improve the quality of surgical care and reduce complications and cost”. Having this data available can assist hospital’s with identifying and focusing on preventing complications. The NSQIP program promotes standardized data collection and analysis of surgical data to improve patient outcomes.  

What are the Benefits of Participating in the Adult NSQIP® Registry?

Hospitals choosing to participate in the American College of Surgeons – National Surgical Quality Improvement Program, can appreciate the following benefits, according to the ACS website:

  • Access to powerful tools, analyses and reports
    • Best practice guidelines
    • Case Studies
  • Access to a proven process to assess and improve surgical quality
  • Data reporting software and ongoing training
  • Intensive training and follow-up support for Surgical Clinical Reviewers (SCRs) – with annual recertification
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Annual national conference for SCRs and surgeon champions
  • Site audits to ensure reliability of data
  • Benchmarking of data through comparative reports at a state and national level
  • A significant opportunity to reduce costs
  • A significant opportunity to improve profit margins by reducing complications

What tools are used in the Data Collection process for the Adult NSQIP®  Registry?

The tools necessary to collect the Adult NSQIP data are provided through the training program for Surgical Clinical Reviewers (SCRs). Updates and changes to the data collection process are provided during monthly conference calls and through the annual national conference.  

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