Registry Partners Launches Innovative Sepsis Mentoring Program to Close the Talent Gap


Marketing Manager

As hospital staff shortages reach critical rates, we’ve taken feedback from clients and are addressing their needs. 

In addition to our industry-leading oncology mentoring and internship programs, in March, Registry Partners will launch an innovative, web-based sepsis mentoring program.

The program will assist healthcare facilities in training experts in sepsis measurement who will be responsible for managing the collection, submission, sharing, and follow-up of sepsis data. 

“As hospitals are dealing with staffing challenges, this is an opportunity to educate new experts to replace staff members that have left or to train a backup,” stated Sandy Dalen, registry services director. “Having one or more staff members with expertise in sepsis is vital, as sepsis measurement is mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. If erroneous data is submitted, it can impact reimbursement.”

The mentoring program will be conducted via a Google classroom, using web-based video conferencing. Applicants will receive one week (30 to 40 hours based on a facility’s needs) of instruction, plus three weeks of case abstraction time.

The ideal mentee is someone responsible for abstracting a healthcare facility’s sepsis charts and sharing their sepsis data with its sepsis team, including staff who need to understand the CMS-SEP-1 Early Management Bundle and Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock measure.

After the program, mentees will have achieved a detailed understanding and comfort level with sepsis data and abstraction that allows them to feel confident in sharing data with their facilities leadership team to help drive improvements.

“Our program will help ensure there is hospital staff with the expertise to abstract sepsis cases with a full sense of accuracy,” said Dalen. “They will also be able to work with their sepsis team on improving outcomes and clearly explain those outcomes and opportunities to the frontline, management, and executive groups.”

Healthcare organizations looking for more information on the Sepsis Mentoring Program can contact