Recruiter Spotlight: Stacey Wertz


Marketing Manager

Stacey began working with Registry Partners Incorporated as a corporate recruiter for the oncology services division in November of 2010 before become our Recruitment Coordinator in April of 2014. Stacey has done an outstanding job introducing RPI to many existing staff members who have joined our team, as well as many others who are eager to work with RPI when the opportunity arises.  She has been instrumental in planning for our NCRA tradeshow and more recently has become involved with tradeshow planning for all tradeshows the oncology services division attends.


Stacey serves as the primary recruiter for the oncology services division, and oversees tradeshow planning and tradeshow ordering for both divisions, trains/mentors/oversees new and existing recruitment staff members for both divisions as well as taking the lead role with scheduling and conducting corporate orientations for new hires.


Stacey  takes pride in her work and is committed to building relationships with qualified applicants and ensuring we maintain contact with the applicants through the application, testing, and “awaiting project assignment” periods.  Her energy, passion and personality are undeniable qualities that have contributed to her success.


She enjoys going to the beach, camping, riding bicycles, cooking, reading, and spending time with her family (which includes spoiling her niece and nephew!) and new fiancée.   She also has a cat named Simba that she adopted as a stray.


If you are interested in speaking with Stacey about an exciting new career or part-time work with Registry Partners, stop by our booth at NCRA or call her today.


Contact info:

Stacey K. Wertz

Recruitment Coordinator


Phone: (336) 226-3359 ext 3309



Q&A with Stacey:

Q:   What is your favorite thing about working for Registry Partners?

A:   The people! I love the people that I work with. All them have different talents and bring so much to the table that makes this company a success! We work as a team. They are not only co-workers, they are a family to me!


Q:   What advice would you give to people considering the option of a job working from home?

A:   Working from home is not for everyone. Some people like the social aspect of working in a hospital or at a facility. If it is your first time working from home, and are unsure if you would like it or not. I would encourage them to start out Part-time to see if it is something they would enjoy.


Q:   Do you have any funny stories from a previous recruitment show?

A:   The first time I attend NCRA was in Disney World. I was unsure as to what to expect. Everyone told me the first night of the exhibit hall is crazy! I was in shock when they cut the ribbon to let people in. It was like a stampede of people!