RECAP: Registry Partners Corporate Retreat 2015


Marketing Manager

Over this past weekend the directors from the Registry Partners oncology and quality divisions, executive management team, and corporate home office staff gathered for a weekend of planning, networking and fun.  Although a few of the directors were unable to make it to the corporate home office in Burlington, NC due to hurricane Joaquin, the group that did make it through the storm had a busy weekend.


Airport arrivals in hurricane Joaquin!

Friday night was an open house at the corporate home offices for Registry Partners and it’s quality division HQI Partners.  Directors and executive management team members from all over the U.S. flew in to see the “home base.”  While flying in was a little traumatizing for certain people (one of our directors got stuck in Chicago for most of the day) others landed and were ready to get the festivities started!  Having an open house allowed some of our field staff to meet in person the people that they work with so closely and to see the corporate side of the company up close.  While the night ended early to allow the team to rest before Saturday’s events, many were eager to continue mingling with their friends and coworkers.


Saturday began with the corporate retreat meeting at 9:00 at the Alamance Country Club.  This year’s theme of  “Getting There Together….Whatever it Takes!” was echoed through the decor and the general attitude of all in attendance.  Through icebreakers, presentations, and discussions, the group came together, started on a fresh, new path and made a pack to echo the mission and vision of the company as they move forward, whatever it takes.  Being able to come together as a group and hear from so many that they share the same passions, hopes and dreams for their company is a wonderful thing.  Everyone left the meeting feeling proud to be a part of the Registry Partners family and looking forward to big things on the horizon.

Opening Presentation by Donna Reynolds, President & CEO




A few of our Oncology Directors, VP of Accreditation & Director of Business Development catching up

The weekend culminated with a good old-fashioned pig pickin’ at a local barn.  As if by magic the rain stopped just before everyone arrived and we were able to enjoy food, dancing, live music and lots and lots of fun…did I mention food?  Having the opportunity to gather field staff from both divisions and share a weekend with the corporate staff was invaluable.  New friendships were made, we got to see that rare glimpse into the “casual” version of some of our most talented and professional coworkers, and we all became even more of a family than we were before the weekend began. We look forward to seeing how the ideas and plans from the weekend will echo throughout the next year and beyond.



Our Amazing Quality Division Directors & VPs

Our ultra-talented Oncology Division Directors & VPs