Recap of the Arkansas Cancer Registrar’s Association Annual Meeting


Marketing Manager

Registry Partners attended the ArCRA (Arkansas Cancer Registrar’s Association) Annual Conference on April 11th-12th. The conference was hosted by Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Russellville, AR.

The theme for the conference was “We Can Do It!” The inspirational “We Can Do It!” poster was produced by J. Howard Miller in 1943 during World War II. The poster was displayed in Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company to help boost worker morale. The theme was very fitting as registrars across the United States are facing a time of change and uncertainty.  New books have been published (and then republished), rules have changed and software updates have been delayed.

Louanne Currence from Kansas City, MO was the main speaker at the conference. She  provided detailed instructions on how the rules have changed. The registrars worked together on sample cases to familiarize the changes. Other speakers included Tonya Mays for ArHIMA, Dr. Ali Dadla for Immunotherapy and Current Treatments and Krista Kirksey for ACS.

The ArCRA Ways and Means Committee had some fun and creative fundraisers available at the conference. There was a silent and live action on homemade goodies that were auctioned off throughout the meeting. Then on Thursday evening, the committee hosted a paint party. The party was a lot of fun as we designed and painted round wooden door hangers.

Teresa Williams, Raffle Winner

Registry Partners raffled off a Starbucks and Teavana Tea Collection Basket. Congratulations to our winner, Teresa Williams!

Just as the “We can do it poster” has served as a symbol of strength and motivation over the years, the conference provided strength and motivation to the cancer registrars of Arkansas during this time of change.

Thank you ArCRA for the opportunity to be part of your annual conference!

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay