Recap – Leadercast 2020


Marketing Manager

Recently, the Registry Partners leadership team attended the 2020 virtual Leadercast event.  

This event brings together people from across the globe to gain insights from international leaders in a variety of fields. Leadercast 2020 Ripple Effect focused on helping attendees develop insights on how we respond to an unclear path and the ripple effect that will be felt throughout the organization.  

We heard from:

Bonnie St. John,  Paralympic downhill silver medalist, who shared her perspective on “aiming higher than a normal life.”  

Randi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO at Zuckerberg Media who encouraged us to “embrace being uncomfortable.”  

Radha Agrawal, co-founder, and CEO of Daybreaker, who provided insights on how to “invite more play” into the design of meetings.  

Tiffany Dufu, Founder & CEO of The Cru, discussed how to “drop the ball” to achieve more by doing less.  

Stephanie Mehta, Fast Company’s Editor-in-Chief provided insights for leading in the new normal, reminding us that “work is personal, computing is social, knowledge is power, and we need to break the old rules to find our new normal.”  

Abby Wambach, FIFA World Cup champion, encouraged us to look toward our failures to find opportunities and “collect the people we want to do our life with.”  This awesome event inspires all of us to grow as leaders, collecting the shared pearls of wisdom, to embrace and engage in our new normal. For more information about Leadercast visit their website for future conferences and other inspirational opportunities. 

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay