Marketing Manager

The 37th Annual ICRA (Indiana Cancer Registrars Association) meeting was held November 12-13, 2015 in Indianapolis, IN.  The conference was again held at the Marten House Hotel & Lilly Conference Center.  Representing Registry Partners was Project Specialist Karen McCracken and Project Director Nicole Housinger.  The theme for this conference was “Continuing Our Education, So We Can Make A Difference”.  Many registrars will agree that our continuing education is very important, along with the refreshed feeling we often notice after attending such conferences with other registry professionals.

One of the most engaging and interesting speakers was Rebekah Krukenberg, MS, CGC, LGC (Oncology Genetic Counselor).  She spoke on Thursday about Genetic Counseling and testing opportunities available to cancer patients and other high-risk individuals.  Who knew there were also Genetic Counselors for areas such as Cardiology, Ophthalmology and Infertility!  She had many great de-identified case examples for BRCA and Lynch syndrome testing with a very engaged room of registrars.  This genetics introduction flowed nicely into a session on Friday about Molecular Cancer Studies by another physician. 

Along with our attendance, Registry Partners was proud to be a returning vendor for the ICRA conference.  Karen and Nicole had the opportunity to speak with other CTR’s and encourage raffle entries.  We would like to congratulate Judith Stewart from Community Health Network who was our raffle winner this year!  We would also like to thank ICRA for the opportunity to attend.