Recap – CoC Educational Summit


Marketing Manager

Registry Partners was excited to secure a seat at the CoC Educational Summit “2020: A Glimpse into the Future” on November 21, 2019, in Rosemont, IL. Education focused on the standard changes and provided valuable insight into not only what was changed but the rationale behind these changes. Some of the topics discussed included what accreditation means to facilities/patients/providers, the value and vision of ACS cancer programs, and introductions to the new 2020 CoC standards. 

Below are some key takeaways from the summit:

  • The most represented role at the summit were cancer registrars, with cancer care providers and center administrators following. 
  • The goal of the revised standards is to establish consistency within the structures of each of their quality programs (9 programs total). Changes include:
    • Ensure each standard results in the improvement of patient care
    • Moving from 5 chapters to 9 – to better align with all of the other accreditation manuals offered by ACS. Be on the lookout for a reformatting of the NAPBC standards!
    • Each manual will now be called “Optimal Resources for ______” (i.e. Optimal Resources for Cancer Care, Optimal Resources for Breast Care, Optimal Resources for Rectal Cancer, etc.)
  • ACS will be implementing a unified web portal for accreditation and verification of all accreditation documentation. This means, we will no longer have a PAR/SAR – we will now have the Pre-Review Questionnaire (PRQ). Surveys will now be referred to as Site Visits, and the Surveyor is now the Site Visit Reviewer (again, this is to align all of the ACS accreditations with each other).
  • The CLP is now the “quality champion” as well as the designated alternate to the committee chair.
  • Each program now only needs one annual goal.
  • Only 2020 Site Visits will review the old standards. 2021 and forward Site Visits are only on new standards.
    • 2020 Site Visits: reviewing 2017/2018/2019 based on the 2016 Standards Manual
    • 2021 Site Visits: reviewing 2020 based on updated standards manual
    • 2022 Site Visits: reviewing 2020/2021 based on updated standards manual
    • 2023 Site Visits: reviewing 2020/2021/2022 based on updated standards manual

The Commission on Cancer will continue to offer educational summits on the standard changes in the coming year. For a listing of available opportunities please visit the CoC’s website

Keep an eye out for upcoming educational opportunities from the Registry Partners team in relation to the standard revisions. 

Photo by Eric Tompkins on Unsplash