Recap – Cancer Registrars of Illinois Meeting


Marketing Manager

The Cancer Registrars of Illinois held their annual meeting this year in Decatur, IL on September 12th and 13th. As expected, the main topic of conversation surrounded the 2018 changes and new manuals. The conference agenda covered a variety of topics and there was certainly something for everyone who attended.

A favorite topic of the conference was from “Text! Why is it Important?”, which was presented by Shanin Hoffman from the Illinois State Cancer Registry. Shanin explained the importance of descriptive text in abstracting and provide examples of clear and unclear text. She also discussed how the Central Registry utilizes text to verify and consolidate cases. The presentation was complete with interactive case consolidation examples. The registrars in attendance enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the process at the Central Registry.

Additionally, one of Registry Partners’ part-time CTRs, Jamie Clark, provided an excellent presentation over “Excel Tips and Tricks for Cancer Registrars”. Jamie did a great job on her presentation and her tips were well received from the attendees.

Registry Partners raffled off a Visa Gift Card. Congratulations to our lucky winner Sandy Larva!

Image by Valentin Sabau from Pixabay